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An bird-eye view of the waves rolling in the ocean.

About Us

In the beginning, we were fishers, building our own boats and spending our days navigating the ocean, drawn in by the promise of a bountiful catch.

Our hearts remain just as salty today, but we’ve undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into passionate advocates of sustainable practices in the seafood industry. As seafood retailers and wholesalers, we embrace the responsibility of preserving our marine ecosystems while providing the finest, ethically sourced seafood. With a commitment to environmental stewardship and a deep-rooted love for the ocean, we proudly continue our journey, blending tradition with innovation to ensure a thriving future for both our business and the precious waters we cherish.

Our Journey

  • 1980s

    Our journey began in Haida Gwaii, once known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, driven by an unwavering passion for fishing. Those days on our boat were incomparable, with a sense of solitude as if the whole world faded away while the abundant waters teemed with life, offering a rich harvest of halibut, salmon, and crab.

  • 1990s & 2000s

    As the tides of time swept on, profound changes emerged, and our commitment to sustainability grew from our firsthand encounters. We witnessed the devastating consequences of overfishing on the delicate ecosystems we held dear and felt compelled to seek a better path, one that would allow us to make even the smallest positive impact to safeguard marine ecosystems. With this mission in our hearts, we embarked on a new course, driven to be part of the solution in preserving the ocean's gifts for generations to come.

  • 2010s

    Leaving behind our life at sea, we embraced a new chapter in the picturesque town of Cowichan Bay. Here, we established a retail haven, granting customers direct access to an array of sustainable seafood. The response surpassed all expectations and spurred by this overwhelming demand, we set our sights on new horizons. By 2013, our journey led us to the heart of Victoria, where we opened the doors of Better Seafood. This move allowed us to bring our passion for sustainability and our commitment to providing top-notch seafood to even more people. Embracing this thriving community, we embarked on a mission to serve Victoria with the finest, ethically sourced seafood while striving to inspire and lead by example in pursuing a more sustainable seafood industry.

  • Beyond

    Opening Oak Bay Seafood gave us a new way to spread the message about sustainable seafood in Victoria with an eatery experience to educate and delight customers with ocean-friendly choices. Our wholesale supply now delivers Better Seafood to local restaurants and groceries, promoting responsible fishing practices for a thriving future. You’ll see our delivery trucks zooming around Victoria and beyond, bringing Better Seafood straight to our customers’ doors.

The Values that guide us

As West Coast locals, we embody a blend of hard work, love for the ocean, and appreciation for local food. We’re genuine stewards of our planet, passionate about caring for its waters and sharing our deep love for seafood. Whether hard at work or enjoying the tastes of Victoria, we’re united in our mission to share sustainable seafood far and wide.