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Seafood with thought.

Sourced from oceans with care.

Our promise
We are bound to the sea, stewards with a passion to protect and share the abundance of the ocean.

Once you’ve witnessed the sun rise slowly, a burnt orange on the ocean horizon, felt the sea water sting your face as your boat breaks over the waves, and tasted the sweetness of freshly caught bounty from the sea, your heart will sing knowing the ocean is a magical gift. It’s our mission to share our respect for the sea and the gifts it provides with every person we meet. To share stories of the real, local people who work hard to ensure sustainable fishing practices are upheld, and to invite everyone to indulge in the flavour of seafood—fresh from the sea, caught right here on BC’s beautiful coast.

dark blue ocean waves background

Nature’s Bounty

Close your eyes. Smell the seawater filling the air. Hear the waves crashing against the coastline and the echo of a sandpiper call. Now imagine—every time you enjoy Better Seafood, you’re transported back to the ocean from where it came.

Seafood Supply
We’re hooked on seafood supply. Got questions? We have answers.

What are your order cutoff times?

Our order cutoff times vary by our service zones. Please visit our Service Location page to see the full details for your specific area.

Why do I see a pre-authorization / payment hold on my statement?

When you place an order, we place a hold for a slightly higher order total on your card. This pending hold is replaced by the correct charge upon successful packing and delivery. This ensures that suppliers can charge accurate weights for products (i.e. 1.09lb or 0.98lb steak vs. 1lb ordered). If you cancel the order or the payment hold is not captured, the authorization is cancelled and the funds are released back. It’s very similar to the gas pump!

Can I cancel my order after placing it?

You can cancel your order up until the order cutoff time before delivery or pick up. Because our team starts very early in the morning, we are not able to accommodate changes to your order on the day of delivery.

Do you accept returns?

We cannot accept returns or cancellations the same day of your order but we will do our best to address any issue with your order. You can cancel or change your order up until the cutoff hour for your service region.

We’re West Coast locals, hard-working fishers, ocean caretakers, local foodies, sometime beer drinkers, and genuine stewards of our planet, here to share our love of seafood.

Gregg Best